Tuesday, 9 October 2012

URGENT: Proposed meeting on Wednesday after lecture at 1:30pm. Invention and backdrop ideas.

We -NEED- to get this whole art style thing sorted out ASAP. It seems that Nat and I are at odds with this.

Is 1:30pm on Wednesday in the Baseroom good for everyone?


Additionally, here is an initial backdrop idea sketch and some 'useless self defense products' that I've come up with.

What each device could do:

Home Defender 2000: A large rocket for use in the home. Funny due to the fact that explosive firearms are readily available for everyday use in the American home in this universe.

Flying Tank: Self explanatory. Small, comedically ineffective wings.

Alert-a-thon: Supposedly alerts the wearer of people breaching the american border. Funny due to the fact it is a colander with a siren stuck to the top.

Commie-b-gone spray: Sprays the wearer with the 'scent of democracy' to supposedly scare away communists.

Pie mine: Deliver to your next door neighbor should you suspect them being aliens or communists as a friendly 'gift'

Brainwave reflector: Supposedly block radio waves from aliens that control your mind.

Portable shelter in a box: A large, cement box to jump into lest a bomb explodes. Completely impractical as a portable device. Large and heavy.

Invader repeller 2000: 'Repel' the invaders of freedom and democracy with this top-of-the-notch invention! Funny due to the simplistic and barbaric design.

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