Thursday, 11 October 2012

Narrative : Narrative Structure (Stage 0 - 10)

Narrative Structure

Subject Matter : Period + Issue (Complication)
Period :  1945 - 1960 The Atomic Age
Issue : Fear + Panic with no protection

Meaning : Fear , Panic, Inescapable

Value Charge (Opinion)
Useless panic. Waste of time and energy worrying about it or trying to protect against it - it will happen if it happens - so live your life

End Point (Exit Velocity)
Funny, but seeing the point that all these things to protect yourself are pointless - he got more injured than if he hadn’t done the demonstration

Meaning 1: A safety demonstration to a nuclear bomb / invasion situation
Meaning 2 : Happy beginning - Unfortunate ending in a wheelchair
Meaning 3 : Main character - smartly dressed, clean, happy character - bit of an idiot

What If? Who? What? why?
Meaning : 1950s + Fear + A-Bomb & Invasions + Useless Gadgets =
What If : An All American Dad acting in a public safety demonstration because he’s doing his bit, but doing it wrong because he’s a bit of an idiot, he’s serious about it though. He’s somewhere public in the 50s and there’s a narrator talking to him. The guy ends up wheeling off in a wheelchair from all the damage our safety technology has done to him

Animation Framework & Genre
Animation Framework = Animation style of the 1950s (duck & cover etc) + Comedy / Satire

Narrative Structure
Introduction (Exposition) : Meeting ‘JugHead’ & the Narrator’s voice in 1950s and learning the situation at that point in time (A-Bomb, invasions)
Complication (Conflict) : A flood of products and methods to protect against all these problems in the world
Climax : JugHead seems to be getting injured by these products rather than protected
Resolution : JugHead wheels onto screen from his last product, really injured in a wheelchair. He did his bit for the ‘Public Safety Demonstration’ which was completely useless, a waste of time and only got him hurt

Partial (Hollywood Ending) : JugHead tries out these gadgets, he only gets injured from them and ends up wheeling off in a wheelchair
Full (Uncommon) : JugHead uses all these gadgets, they work, and is protected from all these problems
None (No resolution) : He tries these gadgets, while he is wearing them the A-Bomb goes off, the screen flashes white and we never know if the gadgets work or not.

Story Arcs
The Arc Plot (Hollywood Structure) : Introduced to JugHead, explore gadgets, gadgets don’t work, he gets injured
Anti Plot : JugHead is in a wheelchair, we go back to how he got to that point
Mini Plot : Each gadget is in it’s own little story with different characters, they come together at the end to reveal they all injured JugHead

Individual Arcs
Backdrops : Things start off nice, clean & tidy, as JugHead gets broken and bashes into, for example bedding flowers or the picket fence, these things get broken too.
Characters : JugHead : Starts off clean and tidy, ends up broken and injured in a wheelchair, while still holding onto his ‘doing his duty’ attitude
Narrator : His voice could get gradually more erratic as the inventions get sillier??
Props : Start off possibly able to help, but by the end it’s obvious it’s a load of rubbish being passed off as aids.

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