Friday, 5 October 2012

Narrative : Points for discussion

Points for discussion

1) Who is the Guy?
a) All American Dad
b) Old Man? War Veteran
c) Young & Stupid

2) What is he doing there?
a) Acting in a Public Safety Demonstration
b) Volunteering
c) Being sold things - Victim of a Pushy Salesman

3) Where is he?
a) at home
b) somewhere public
c) somewhere VERY 50s - diner? etc

4) When is he?
a) 50s

5) Why is he there?
a) All American doing his bit
b) Veteran doing his bit but doing it wrong
c) Didn't get to go to war because he's an idiot

6) Character 2
a) Pushy Salesman
b) Public Safety Narrator
c) Guy in charge of volunteers

7) The Outcome
a) Guy Wheels out in a wheelchair with his $10
b) Veteran looks like he has been on the battlefield again

8) Technology
Research things from the 50s, fears from the 50s and materials we could use to make our own inventions from

9) Comedic Style
a) Serious people - Silly situation
b) Silly people - Serious situation

My suggestion is, Anecdote Studio Team members leave a comment on this post with your opinion to each question, for example 
1) a
2) c
or -  if none of the options, write your suggestions for each question.
Then I'll look at the data and show if we all agree on a particular bit and what might need further discussion.


  1. Mix and match! :D
    ok for me its:

    1- i like the idea of a stupid character so either he's "A" the american dad or "C" the young idiot
    2- A
    3- B/C
    4- B (Im kidding!!) :P
    5- a bit of both "B and C" not a veteran but an idiot doing his bit but fails
    6- B
    7- A
    8- I like the idea :D
    9- A

  2. 1) A/B (The all-American man would be probably be the best option as it would give us more room to mold him into something more intricate. Given his situation too, he could also be an all-American man volunteering to do his part.)

    2) A (What I'm thinking of for this animation is a sort of PSA to be taken seriously on what to do in certain situations)

    3) B (I think the best way to do this is to give him as much room as possible and put him somewhere were he'll have easy access to different objects to interact with during the presentation. EG: ducking under a picnic table, picnic blanket. It would also give us more resources to work with. 'Out in public' is a very broad term.)

    4) A (Well er-... yeah. It's the only option there. :P )

    5) A (The All-American Dad would fit perfectly with this option.)

    6) B (Since I'm thinking of a PSA film, a Public Safety Announcer would also fit well with this.)

    7) A (The punchline could be that he eventually rolls off the screen with a frown on his face, but holding nothing in his hand. I'm not sure where the $10 bill would come from in my version of the story.)

    8) Aye-aye, Cap'n!

    9) A (I think this would work best with the types of inventions being displayed. For example, a serious person wearing something silly normally has more comedic value than a silly person wearing silly things.

  3. 1) A
    2) A
    3) B
    4) C
    5) A,B,C All American Dad doing his bit but doing it wrong because he's an idiot
    6) B
    7) A, B Wheels out looking like he was dragged through a bush backwards in war
    8) Yup
    9) A