Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Character Colour Tests

Based on everybody's feedback on choosing the character in the previous character development post, here I have played it around and have given it some colour tests last night. I have based these colour palettes from the usual 1950's style and only a few which I thought might be fun to play around the colours with (like numbers 5, 6,7, 11 and 13) and might work out based on our character's personality and traits. These however are not the finalised versions, more will be up!! :D


  1. I'm in love with number 6. The color scheme definitely 'suits' the kind of style that you'd see in the 50s. (cwutididthur?)

    If you look at men from the 50s in suit,s you'll see that most of them have that sort of navy-blue tint to then. For example:

    However, I'm also of two minds about this as I think it may be best if we do black and white like the television and film of the 50s. We'll have to see what Nat thinks.

  2. I like 6 too, but I also agree we should think about B&W filmic look, how does 6 look in greyscale? does it contrast well?

  3. Agreed and agreed - I like the idea of the black and white look.