Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Narrative : Narrative Structure (Step 0 - 6)

Narrative Structure

Subject Matter : Period + Issue (Complication)
Period :  1945 - 1960 The Atomic Age
Issue : Fear + Panic with no protection

Meaning : Fear , Panic, Inescapable

Value Charge (Opinion)
Useless panic. Waste of time and energy worrying about it or trying to protect against it - it will happen if it happens - so live your life

End Point (Exit Velocity)
Funny, but seeing the point that all these things to protect yourself are pointless - he got more injured than if he hadn’t done the demonstration

Meaning 1: A safety demonstration to a nuclear bomb / invasion situation
Meaning 2 : Happy beginning - Unfortunate ending in a wheelchair
Meaning 3 : Main character - smartly dressed, clean, happy character - bit of an idiot

What If? Who? What? why?
Meaning : 1950s + Fear + A-Bomb & Invasions + Useless Gadgets =
What If : An All American Dad acting in a public safety demonstration because he’s doing his bit, but doing it wrong because he’s a bit of an idiot, he’s serious about it though. He’s somewhere public in the 50s and there’s a narrator talking to him. The guy ends up wheeling off in a wheelchair from all the damage our safety technology has done to him

Animation Framework & Genre
Animation Framework = Animation style of the 1950s (duck & cover etc) + Comedy / Satire

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  1. Animation framework = Animation style of the 1950's (duck and cover etc) + Comedy/Satire