Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Alan Character Turnaround update v2

Render test image.

I've fixed the walk this time hoping that the feet would go in sync. The walk looks fine from other angles apart from the front which looks as if he's riding an "invisible bike". I also had some extra advice from Bo, Andi and Nat (Thanks!! :D) in trying to make the character look more "fluid and relaxed", so I've added some arm, upper and lower torso movements. I've kept in the shadows and the turntable in as the wireframes and the block model both have the tables in them. 

I also didn't realise that another camera was added in the render process but thought I put it up anyway for fun. :D

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Alan Character Turnaround- updated

After fixing some problems during the holidays, here's the updated version of Alan Character Turnaround with untextured and wire framed model.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Liberty Defender - Main Cam Render

The shadows from the tanks, helicopters and UFO symbol are a bit of a distraction here, so I tested it with the 8mm over the top and it takes some of the distraction away.

I applied the 8mm as a multiply layer as specified in the composition notes from the previous test, there is no bleaching of the features here, so I'm not sure what settings Tom had it on for the presentation but it is fixable.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Portable Shelter Re-Texture

I've tried a new texture on the Portable Shelter, inspired by Warner Bros


Portable Shelter - Cam 01 Re-animate

I've touched up the animation on the first 149 frames of this scene, I'm still not sure about the anticipation, I think it will need tweaking again

Monday, 17 December 2012

Portable Shelter Scene Render

The slight jump in the middle is the camera change, this is edited out by an information card displayed between the two segments

There are still some things I'm not happy with, for example some of the animation is a bit slidey and floaty and perhaps some american defence branding on the shelter itself

Updated alien ufo

Updated ufo alien design.

@Nat: Sorry its a bit late!! I've re-uploaded it on dropbox. ;D

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Narrative Presentation & Art-of

Narrative Presentation

New Render Samples

@ Alan

How to do I bring the network back like in the second image?
I accidentally closed the window and when I opened it back up it was blank

Commie-B-Gone Spray Sequence Playblast

Commie-B-Gone Spray Sequence Playblast

F.A.O. Team

Hey, just some housekeeping-

If you can make any videos you embed 640 width and 360 height
and images x-large it will keep the look of the blog nice and big and clean


Liberty Defender Scene: Finished (?)

Just 'gotta do the outro now where he rolls off into the sunset. How would I go about making the backdrop out of the standard street?

Also, we should definitely be searching for some cartoon sound effects for this guy. :P

Monday, 10 December 2012

F.A.O. Team - Animation

Ok with the deadline pretty much sitting on us now,
We've broken the animation into sections to all do some

I've done the introduction, just ironing out some little bits that aren't flowing as smooth as they should

Joey : Commie-B-Gone Spray
Nat : Portable Shelter
Tom : Liberty Defender
All the files are on dropbox, don't worry about the textures for the minute, we can apply them once it's all animated - that's where the time needs to be spent for the moment so we can then apply everything and move onto the render farm

GO! :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Music backgrounds

Here I've found some music that could perhaps be in our animation, I've put the two together into one video plus added some grainy effects alongside with the originals, have a listen and let me know what yous think! :D

Animation Sample - To start feeding the Excitement

I can't stop seeing Tom's actions in this (especially the scared bit)

@ Alan

Hi Alan,

The wrapped model has decided to no longer follow the rig. I haven't deleted any history or anything, only switched between visibility and doing animating. It followed it yesterday morning.

Any ideas?

@ Tom & Joey

If you two can do a major surf on the net for a perfect piece of music for this animation then go for it :)