Thursday, 29 November 2012

Eye-Patch 03

Figure 01. The Third Version of Alan's Eye Patch

Figure 02. This was the second version of the eye patch but after the words 'it looks like he has a tumour' a re-design was in order.


Wheelchair UVs

Added the wheelchair .mb file to dropbox, too.

Character - Right Arm Cast

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Alan's Eye-Patch Test 02 - Without Colour

Figure 01. Eye Patch Without Stars & Stripes

Figure 02. Eye Patch With Stars & Stripes

Out of these two I think Figure 01. so the face is less busy

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Alan with Eye-Patch Tests

Figure 01. Alan with Eye-Patch - Normal + AO Render

Figure 02. Alan with Eye-Patch - AO Render

Figure 03. Alan with Eye-Patch - Normal Render

Figure 04. Alan with Eye-Patch - Normal + AO Render

Figure 05. Alan with Eye-Patch - AO Render

Figure 06. Alan with Eye-Patch - Normal Render

Alan rigging and skinning update 2

"(middle) Mouth and Jaw set to "Eee" expression"
"(middle) mouth and jaw relaxed"
Another small update this time, his arms, legs and head are all rigged and skinned with just the mouth shapes to go. So far, following the tutorial, this is my first attempt in recreating the mouth shape for "Eee". This still needs some retweaking since the mouth shape for "E" has a strange look on his face. Won't be long til he's ready to go!! :D

Wheelchair Model

I was asked by Nat to see if i could try my hand at the wheelchair for our final production. Whatchya think?

Monday, 26 November 2012

1/ 13 Props Modelled & UVs Laid (9/13 in total)

Figure 01. Tank

Figure 02. Tank (UVs)

4 /13 Props Modelled & UV Layout

Figure 01. Commie Soldier Cutout

Figure 02. Commie Soldier Cutout (UVs)

Figure 03. Helicopter

Figure 04. Helicopter (UVs)

Figure 05. Portable Shelter

Figure 06. Portable Shelter (UVs)

Figure 07. Commie Symbol

Figure 08. Commie Symbol (UVs)

Anecdote Studios Ident

Sunday, 25 November 2012

4 /13 Props Modelled & UV Layout

Freshly re-laid UVs

Figure 01. Liberty Defender Remote

Figure 02. Liberty Defender Remote (UVs)

Figure 03. Atomic Bomb Symbol

Figure 04. Atomic Bomb Symbol (UVs)

Figure 05. Commie-B-Gone Spray Can

Figure 06. Commie-B-Gone Spray Can (UVs)

Figure 07. American Flag

Figure 08. American Flag (UVs)

Old 8mm + Narration Visual Test

Here's a sample of;

Some Narration, 2 render passes, 8mm Old Film Multiply Layer & some Vinyl Crackles and Scratches.

In Adobe Premier Pro, I selected the voice clips and added High-pass: 287.74,  and Lowpass: 3154.56 - This gives the aged technology sound
The Vinyl Crackles and Scratches I put on loop and reduced the volume to -16
The background image is a normal pass + Ambient Occlusion pass with Max Distance of 200
The 8mm film layer was added in Adobe After Effects as a multiply layer above the rendered image, I applied Time-Reverse to the layer, expanded it so the black frame was less prominent and dropped the opacity to 50%

Render Testing Ambient Occlusion

I tried out some more AO Passes as the first attempt had no Max Distance, thats why it was so dark

Figure 01. AO Pass : Max Distance 10

 Figure 02. AO Pass + Normal : Max Distance 10

Figure 03. AO Pass : Max Distance 25

Figure 04. AO Pass + Normal : Max Distance 25

Figure 05. AO Pass : Max Distance 50

Figure 06. AO Pass + Normal : Max Distance 50

Figure 07. AO Pass : Max Distance 75

Figure 08. AO Pass + Normal : Max Distance 75

Figure 09. AO Pass : Max Distance 100

Figure 10. AO Pass + Normal : Max Distance 100

Figure 11. AO Pass : Max Distance 200

Figure 12. AO Pass + Normal : Max Distance 200

I think 200 is the best