Sunday, 11 November 2012

Maya: 'Alan' model completed.

Here's the finished model of Alan! Took me the best part of two days to complete. Any feedback will be appreciated. I'm also putting the project file for him in Dropbox.


  1. Tom - Click on this link....
    What does this tell you?

  2. I apologize for mistakenly taking your role again, Nat. On Thursday afternoon, Joey and I discussed the character and came to the conclusion that Joey could do the rigging and I could do the modelling. I, like a dumbass, forgot what your role was and forgot to look up the roles sheet on the blog and I tried to contact you on Skype but you weren't online. :( I panicked and tried to remember, but all I could remember was Joey saying something about skinning, so that's what I thought your role was.

    So I went ahead and modeled it and textured it, forgetting that was one of your roles.

    To be fair, though, we've all deviated from our roles: me with the script and the character, Joey and you with editing the Pre-viz together instead of me, Joey doing the story boarding instead of you...

    But, I digress, I shouldn't have taken up yet another role from you and for that I'm sorry.

  3. To be honest, Tom, after our presentation, I only spoke about the rigging as it was already assigned to me in the first place but only asked about the skinning bit as whether it would also be under the rigging task. I wasn't sure myself either about who's doing the modeling and I didn't point straight away to who's doing it, but I DID mention to check up on the role assignment sheet to avoid any more chaos.

    Yes, to be honest, its great seeing the model made but it didn't occur to me until after I spoke to you Tom that I realized there was a role change? Also, with the storyboard change Nat agreed to let me take charge instead as that was something that I could put my input on since the fact that the character design was already chosen and finalized before I even had the chance to put mine up. As for the pre-viz, it was said on the table to be made by EVERYONE and yes we all had our scenes done on pre-viz. I didn't do editing on that part; it was just the ratio and resolution that I needed to change in my scene on Maya so that Nat could edit all the pre-vizs together as mentioned by the “Tom and Joey” post.
    This is what I mean during these past few weeks of lacking communication, seriously it is driving me nuts. Also, please stop putting words into my mouth!!

    So out of all this, what is happening to the model? Should I rig him now or wait until a new one is made?