Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Alan rigging and skinning update 2

"(middle) Mouth and Jaw set to "Eee" expression"
"(middle) mouth and jaw relaxed"
Another small update this time, his arms, legs and head are all rigged and skinned with just the mouth shapes to go. So far, following the tutorial, this is my first attempt in recreating the mouth shape for "Eee". This still needs some retweaking since the mouth shape for "E" has a strange look on his face. Won't be long til he's ready to go!! :D


  1. Cool Joey, what's the bit in the mouth? looks like a gummy baby :P

    1. Thats what he's like without gums!! XD haha no,Its just the back of the throat- the teeth and tongue are stuck with the middle guy. :D