Sunday, 13 January 2013

Alan Character Turnaround- updated

After fixing some problems during the holidays, here's the updated version of Alan Character Turnaround with untextured and wire framed model.


  1. I like the turnaround bit, although I think the intro animation section needs work, he moves a bit clunky, also maybe a different colour base for him to stand on... he looks like he is footless until the second bit :)

    1. ok, I've changed the font at the moment but as for the clunky bit I've tried to re-render them but I'm guessing the shaders and stuff needs reconnecting like last time as he appears black when rendered.

  2. Oh yeah, and the font doesn't match the other stuff, it's broadway I think

  3. Good to see this project still going. Nat's right though, the animation (walk) needs a little work and I would suggest losing the base (ground) after the turn begins - without shadows this looks odd and unecessary.