Thursday, 4 October 2012

Narrative : We have an Idea

We're still yet to talk to Alan for our tutorial, but at the moment we have an idea we all agree with.

This idea starts off looking like an old public announcement, 
The main character is a simple guy, as if he lives in the american dream. 
The narrator talks to him and begins suggesting ways the guy can protect himself from an atomic bomb - a table appears next to him and he crawls under it. 
The narrator continues to talk and the guy crawls back out from the table for the next stage of information. 

The narrator then moves onto the next topic to protect him against....
As he goes through each topic he demonstrates it with a new product, these products keep piling up on-top of the character as the things get crazier and faster. 
For example screen helmets to scramble waves that control humans .... etc... etc...
really ridiculous 50's ideas

After a certain amount (timing to fit into the 1min 30) the guy starts to wobble and splat - he disappears under this big pile of junk. The narrator: 
Where'd you go Burt?......

Oh...... that Burt......."

(Great cheesy style)

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