Monday, 15 October 2012

Cartoon backgrounds of the 50s.

 Backdrops of cartoons in the 50s very much along the lines of an art-deco style with blocky colours, abstract shapes and an almost collage-like appearence to them, particularly some of the work of Chuck Jones.

Here's my take on this idea. Whatchya think?


  1. Hey Tom, I like the style, I think it's almost there, it needs something still though, maybe some shrubs, like a rose bush/ flower bush that the '50s American Housewife' would tend to, and maybe a little path that people would walk on to get to their 'backyards' ?
    Im not sure exactly, but more Wisteria Lane and yet still getting the perfect balance of not overcrowding it either.
    I still like the idea that these are just cardboard cutouts though :)

  2. God, I LOVE 50s illustration! And yes, Tom - lots of charm getting started here, but maybe fiddle with the thickness of those outlines as a further visual cue - i.e. thicker in the foreground, less so in the background etc.?