Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Logo designs

After looking at the ideas we've all agreed on the idea of a cogwheel for our logo and an animated one for our ident which will be up soon. For the logo, Tom and I have been designated to design them. For the moment, here is some logo designs which that I came up with, the name font will be focused on later:


  1. Hey Joey, now I've seen them I can comment :)
    I think 1 looks like a poker chip, I like the start, now I think they need to have more dimension to them so they look stylish and not like clipart. 3D. What do you reckon?

  2. yup yup, personally I like number 6 and 3 which maybe with the front cog on 3 could make it 3dish? will update this!! :D

  3. If I can give my input here, would it be possible to maybe refine the cog spurs a little? Perhaps slant the edges or give it a bold outline. Something like this.*RhND25Rr6cZaGjR8CIL3P2aGWhV6VQg62lC5Cmzj9E9G9cI1AVB6ymyAfHPJ3jj9FPzg7WGbQJtTZ/Cog_512x512.png

    No. 2 is a very good start. :D